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At Porco we believe that remembering and honoring the past is important, and it is what we strive for daily in our service, cocktails, and atmosphere. Our classic craft cocktails are based on original recipes and are made with the finest spirits, freshet ingredients, and our own house made syrups.

Safe Harbors

Mai Tai


Our proprietary blend of rums, with fresh squeezed lime and homemade orgeat. The measuring stick of any Tiki Bar.



Tart, dry, and out of this world.

Navy Grog


Grapefruit with a hint of clove, by order of Admiral Vernon,

Singapore Sling


Pineapple and Tart cherry, the Raffles Hotel Classic.



Rum and coconut on a tropical beach. (Try the Jost Van Dyke version, made with Pusser’s Rum, for $3 more)

Pink Flamingo


An exercise in great tropical taste

The Curse


Passion fruit, ginger, and bourbon

Roman Twist


Coffee, citrus, almond, and bourbon

Mare Blu


Pineapple, orange, and blue


Fog Cutter


So foggy it smokes, orange with a back bone of almond.



Tart, dry, and excessively potent; not fit for the living

Jet Pilot


Test pilot? Space Pilot? By any other name this dry medley of citrus and spice will send you into space.

Improved Hurricane


Passion fruit and Tiki secrets with a proprietary blend of spirits to lift yours.

Bali Bali


Citrus, falernum, passion fruit



Easy like key lime pie.

Out To Sea

Heart Of Darkness


A passionfruit journey into the unknown.

Holo Holo


Adventure into an herb garden, with pineapple and coconut.

Planet Of The Apes


Banana and Pineapple, as handed down by the Lawgiver.

Somethin’ Tequila


Because you asked for it. Fruity, and pleasantly sour.

Dying Bastard


Make your final dram a blend of ginger and spice.

Shining Wizard


A green mist of ripe and tangy fruit, with a fiery finish.

Blackbeard’s Ghost


This marriage of peach and homemade falernum will hoist your sails.

Jungle Bird


Bittersweet and citrus. The Negroni of tiki.


Porco Colada


If you’re not into yoga.

Strawberry Daiquri


5 lbs of fresh strawberries in every batch .

Poolside Pick

Miami Vice


The best of both worlds. Porco Colada & Strawberry Daiquiri swirled together in this South Beach classic.

Group Libations

Scorpion Bowl


For a team of two to four, our house Fruit Punch with a healthy dose of Rum.

Maiden Voyage


For a gathering of four to six, a truly dangerous rum punch in every sense of the words.

Botany Bay


Minimum crew of eight. A barrel of punch containing an entire bottle of each of our finest rum and of our finest sparkling wine.

All of our cocktails are vegan friendly and are made with only the finest ingredients.
Please notify your bartender of any food allergies or sensitivities before ordering.

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